Flat Roofing

With so many options to choose from in today's market, you may feel overwhelmed with information about what system is right for you. No need to worry, we provide a thorough evaluation of your project(s) and suggest only the best course(s) of action. With the right products, and warranties you can truly rely on us to extend the life of your most valuable assets. Click here to see the wide range of flat roofing systems we currently apply.

Metal Roofing

Looking to add some style to your roof? Metal is becoming increasingly popular in today's market. We believe that metal will set the tone, and standard in roofs with a pitch of 2/12 and above in the coming years. We specialize in simple or complex metal applications that can add up to 50 years to your existing, or new roof(s). With a variety of colors, we are bound to find the one perfect for you to express yourself in the way you've always wanted. 


Keeping water out can sometimes be difficult. Engaging the right contractor to properly identify your horizontal or vertical waterproofing needs can be crucial to your current or future asset(s). You can count on us for your Damp-Proofing, Concrete, and Blindside Waterproofing. Click here to see the wide range of waterproofing systems we currently apply.

Metal Siding 

Create a more modern look,  increase the value of your property, and attract more attention with today's most advanced hidden or exposed fasteners siding systems. Our metal expert applicators work closely with our inside team, alongside your architect(s)/consultant(s)/engineer(s) to ensure we provide you with your dream look.


3-Tab, Architectural, or Premium Shingles...big or small, we do it all, and we've done it on Northern Ontario's most monumental buildings. We intend to continually provide our clients with the best warranties in the industry alongside the longest-lasting products.

Composite Panels

We are taking commercial, and institutional envelopment to a whole new level with our composite panel systems. We have a dedicated team solely for this application, and growing yearly. You will continue to see these systems being applied to the most modern buildings in the country, and we are proud to help Modernize Northern Ontario to follow the moving trends.

Damisona Roofing Ontario


Looking to add or create life to your roof, don't us today. We can and will give you great value for your dollars spent.

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